©Bali Luxury Villa Sales  starting at  $189,000


First class ©Bali Luxury Villa Sales. 

starting at $189,000:

luxury Bali villa sales Harpers Bazaar, Bali IndonesiaSister villa  featured in Harpers Bazaar 9/2006

Prestigious Location: You can now enjoy a luxurious villa in one of the most desirable, prestigious, residential areas of Bali.   

Sanur was the first beach resort on Bali decades ago and has developed into a unique community of boutique hotels, restaurants, stores and shops.

Top hotel chains such as the Hyatt hotel choose Sanur for its sparkling long white beach luxury Bali villa sales Sanur Beach , Bali Indonesiaand stunning scenery.

Sanur now demands some of the highest residential real-estate prices in Bali due to heavy demand from foreign and local buyers who desire to live in this rapidly developing community.

Six Kilometre Beach: Sanur beach is a short four-to-six minute walk from your villa. luxury Bali villa sales Sailing , Bali IndonesiaIt’s six-kilometre-long white sand beach is protected by an outer reef which ensures safe swimming for allluxury Bali villa sales beach stoll , Bali Indonesia ages.

Every water activity known to man is available within a minutes walk from your villa which also makes these villas highly desirable as a rental unit therefore providing additional income for the owners.

You can fish, snorkel, scuba divluxury Bali villa sales scuba diving , Bali Indonesiae, windsurf, jet ski, kayak, kite surf, or sail within a short 4- 8 minute stroll from your ©Bali Luxury Villa.

Restaurants, Shops &  Hotels close By:

You'll love the low prices at a large array of restaurants, luxury Bali villa sales golf courses , Bali Indonesiaboutiques, salons, fruit and vegetable markets, plus a large supermarket, which are minutes from your front door.

Several four and five-star hotels are nearby which offer golf, bowling, tennis, spas, and fitness centers.

Superior building standards: From the moment you enter the front gate of your magnificent estate it is obvious that it features only the best materials and construction techniques available, coupled with ornate Balinese architecture.

You will feel like you are in a magical garden when you relax and enjoy the distinctively Balinese interior landscaping which has been receiving rave revues.

Elegant Living + private pool : Your luxury villa includes a large exotic 6 Mtr. (18 ft.) infinity design private swimming pool.

Luxurious Terrazzo floors: Your friends will compliment you on the rich terrazzo floors. The entire floor is polished into a marble- like finish, which with proper care, will last forever.

The support columns are covered with Balinese soft stone marble that blends with the rich floor.

“You could not of have done it any better”

Mr. T. Irwin, Arizona, Feb 2003

Solid teak kitchens with marble tops: Enjoy preparing delicious healthy meals assisted by your private maid in your large custom-built teak kitchen with solid Balinese marble tops.

“Built as good as Dutch quality” Dutch Airline Pilot


Insulated bedrooms: The bedroom ceilings have a unique woven bamboo covering sandwiched between thick rock wool insulation.

This will insure that you enjoy an excellent uninterrupted sleep, even when your relatives and guests are still active. This insulation also reduces the cost of air-conditioning.

3-gorgeous bathrooms: Each of the  on suite bathrooms have a  full size tub & shower and massive outdoor shower. There is also a guest bathroom on the ground floor.

Custom built screen doors and windows: Most doors and windows are built from quality kiln-dried timber (to prevent shrinkage and warping), and fitted with screen windows and doors to allow you to enjoy fresh ocean breezes.  

Thirty-year roof tile guarantee: Your exterior roof is finished with baked-enamel KIA tiles, which are seven times more expensive than normal Balinese tiles and have a thirty-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Premium quality paint: To complete the quality construction, all interior and exterior walls are painted with very high quality paints eliminating the cost of repainting for years.

SatelliteTelevision and High Speed Internet: You can enjoy modern satellite television  and 24-hour, always-connected, broadband internet (also rare in Bali).

Professional 24 -hr. Security: You will be able to sleep like a baby knowing that your luxury villa is protected with twenty-four hour security provided by highly trained security guards.

wow your friends and renters: The overall result is a luxurious villa that is low maintenance which will impress even the most ardent critics.  

“Very impressed with quality of construction, rates with Canadian standards” Canadian Master Builder

luxury Bali villa sales office restaurant , Bali Indonesiafirst class Restaurant& Bar: All residents and guests of our Bali luxury villa complexes may use of our brand new two-story stylish office, and restaurant complex on the border of the Bali Hyatt Hotel. luxury Bali villa sales Desiree's restaurant , Bali Indonesia

The ground floor features Desiree's, a large indoor and outdoor restaurant operated by Western Owners and European trained chefs and waitresses. 

luxury Bali villa sales Desiree's restaurant , Bali Indonesia

They will ensure that you receive only the highest quality fresh meals, which can also be delivered to your villa if you wish to dine in.

PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS CENTER: A modern rich teak-lined conference room with marble floors and on-suite toilet may be booked for business meetings or private functions.

You may utilize our business center complete with modern computers and broad band internet connections for conferences, business meetings or as an optional office.

luxury Bali villa sales conceriges , Bali IndonesiaProfessional concierges:  Professional, helpful concierges will attend to your every need at the main reception on the ground floor.

Health Services: Several nearby international health clinics provide you with western-quality doctors and health care. A major hospital with 24-hr. emergency service is a 15 minutes drive.

Medical services and medicine will cost you a fraction of the price in the western world. Clinics are now offering low cost anti-aging  services.

luxury Bali villa sales maid , Bali IndonesiaRelaxation: A full time house keeper or cook cost just over two dollars a day allowing you time for sports and world - famous Balinese massages. luxury Bali villa sales massage. Bali Indonesia

Professional successful management and marketing company: When you purchase one of our luxury villas you also receive the services of one of Bali’s most successful professional villa management companies Pt. B.A.L.I..

Testimonial to the fact that these villas are very attractive to tourists is the fact that  owners include  the General Manager and S/E Asia Director of a hotel that was chosen the best in the world under $250.00 per night by travel and leisure magazine in 2004& 2005.

Top executives of the second largest company in the world are also proud owners along with high ranking Corp. Executives and Foreign Govt. officials. 

Great Investment: Most of the owners who have purchased similar villas are self-made millionaires. They all have one thing in common; they know a good investment.

When you say, “you own one of our ©Bali Luxury Villa in the future others will acknowledge that you own one of the premier villas in Asia. You have a choice of sizes and designs to suit every budget and desire.

Only $550.00 per month: Your cost to operate a large three-bedroom villa with private pool works out to only approximately a little over $550.00 per month . These villas rent out as much as $200.00 per day in low season, to $350 per day in high season. Therefore, it only takes two or three day’s rentals, per month to cover your cost. All additional income is pure profit.

luxury Bali villa sales chart prices, Bali Indonesia

“Best investment I ever made.” Mr. D. W., English, G.M.  “Best hotel in the world under $250.00 per night as voted by Travel & Leisure Magazine 2004 & 2005.


 “My new villa has been occupied 98% of the time and if I sold the property after just one year I would net more than 40%, counting both rental income and appreciation.” Mr. T. I. October 16th. 2004


Own a BALI LUXURY VILLA Starting at $99,000

 Below is our current inventory of BALI LUXURY VILLA resales.

You will find that the prices are below average and that the quality of construction , management and marketing is above average.

starting at $99,000:  The following are our lowest priced high quality villas with excellent management and marketing. They start as low as  $99,000. see below for details. 

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: There are only a few villas available in these new complexes and they are selling fast.

Name Comp # Bdrm. Bath Land FURN U.S.D. Remain Renew  Current
Click         Sq.     Lease Addit Status
for photos         Mtr.     Approx. 25 yrs  
Golden A A 2 2 139 N $99,000 42 $0 Avail
Golden A 2 3 3 350 Y $215,000 17 $69,000 Avail
Emerald A 7 2 2.5 350 Y $230,000 20 $38,000 SOLD
Emerald E 3 3 3.5 350 Y $253,000 21 $56,000 SOLD
Emerald E 2 3 3.5 350 Y $256,000 21 $56,000 SOLD
Emerald A 10 2 2.5 350 Y $260,000 44 $0 Reduced
Golden A 7 4 4.5 700 Y $298,000 17 $175,000 SOLD
Golden B 10 3 3.5 500 Y $285,000 18 $79,000 Avail
Jade A 3 3 3.5 550 Y $339,000 44 0 Avail
Emerald A 8 2 2.5 350 Y $290,000 44 $0 Reduced
Emerald A 12 3 3.5 350 Y $316,000 44 $0 SOLD
Emerald B 12 3 3.5 350 Y $329,000 44 $0 Reduced
Emerald C 5 4 4.5 350 Y $339,000 44.5 $0 Reduced
Emerald A 9 3 3.5 350 Y Combined 44 $0 Avail
Emerald D 5 3 4.5 550 Y $675,000 44 $100,000 Avail
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